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  1. More frustration over bedroom tax - post by crazybladeuk

    It’s been a difficult week for me, dear readers. Like many ill and disabled people right now, I’ve had to deal with a lot of different things all at once and it’s causing a huge amount of stress and anxiety at a time when I really could do without it.  

    As I’m sure you can imagine, my health has to come first, and dealing with worsening and constant pain is very difficult. I have a condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which affects both my legs, from my knees down to below my ankles. The pain is constantly there and is, at times, excruciating and worsening. Last Monday my doctor doubled my painkiller - a weekly patch that I wear on my arm. So far it’s not lessened my pain but has made me extremely sleepy.

    So sorry, George Osborne, but I may have had my curtains closed a little more.

    It’s a fine line for those that suffer with chronic pain, finding the balance between managing the pain and dealing with the side effects. I feel dizzy and nauseous sometimes in addition to the exhaustion. It’s not fun.

    This month the changes to Social Security, under the welfare reform Act 2012, started to take effect. I’ve mentioned my thoughts on the Bedroom Tax previously. Despite the “spare” bedroom in our property being smaller than a bedroom under housing regulations, we’re still having to pay £10 a week towards our rent, and £5 a week towards council tax thanks to localisation of council tax support. That’s £15 a week from an already extremely tight budget.

    Our problems with bidding for a property to move to have continued. We’re finding that the properties that would be suitable for me are age restricted, usually to 55s and over, and the housing associations concerned are unwilling to bend on that. The flat I mentioned in the previous blog is still empty, despite being listed three times and, as I write this, still has ZERO bids on it this week.

    It makes an absolute mockery of the situation and makes me question why I should be forced to pay the bedroom tax.

    The amount of anxiety this is all causing me has become a real problem over the last week. And George Osborne has the nerve to call this a “lifestyle choice”.


Diary entries from five benefits claimants on how the coalition government's changes to welfare are affecting their daily lives

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